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Car wraps are among the most innovative types of jobs that you can get done on your vehicle. While some people might want to have their cars wrapped for advertising purposes, others might simply want a custom wrap to make their vehicles stand out amongst the rest and feature the design that they want displayed on their cars.

Types of Car Wraps

There are numerous types of car wraps to choose from. Select from wraps that feature graphics like flames or stripes, or create your own high definition graphics that feature your business’s logo. Additionally, you can select from full-color wraps or matte finish wraps. Full-color wraps are bright and colorful and usually used for advertising purposes, whereas matte finish wraps oftentimes look like a paint job and are usually used to decorate a car in the style that you choose.

The Process of Designing Custom Car Wraps

Of course, custom car wraps wouldn’t be custom if you weren’t able to design them yourself. Most companies that offer custom car wraps have a few basic steps that customers need to take in order to get their car wraps to look exactly the way they want them to and to feature the information that they want them to feature. The general process of designing car wraps consists of the following:

  • Choose a Template

The first step consists of choosing a template to use for your car. Most companies offer an assortment of pre-designed templates that you can choose from and just customize to suit your business, but you can also select a blank template and then completely design your own custom car wrap from scratch.

  • Select a Background

A primary element of any custom car wrap is the background since this is what immediately draws attention to the car featuring the wrap. You can usually select from a library of images that the car wrap company offers, or you can upload your own image or graphic. You can also choose to use a solid color or a color gradient as the background for your car wrap if you feel one of those is more appropriate for your advertising purposes.

  • Add Additional Design Elements

This part of the process is the one that really makes your car wrap design come together. During this step, you can add additional graphics or images to your wrap, and this is also the point at which you need to add any text that you wish your wrap to feature. Make sure to include the name of your business as well as contact information in your text.

  • Finish and Verify Your Car Wrap

The last step consists of marking your design as finished and verifying that you possess the appropriate rights to use all the imaging and other design elements featured on your car wrap. After doing this, then the car wrap company can design your wrap and affix it to your car.

Custom car wraps are not only a great way to advertise for your business, but they also allow you the freedom to outfit your car with whatever type of design that you want.

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