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Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Big Car

Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

Vehicles are expensive investments, so taking care of them is a primary concern of many car owners. Part of what makes a car look great is its paint job. Keeping a car’s paint from chipping and otherwise becoming damaged is essential to keeping it looking aesthetically-pleasing. Cars with damaged paint instantly lose value. A Clear Bra paint protection film can help car owners protect their investments.

What is Clear Bra Paint Protection Film?

Xpel Clear Bra is an invisible paint protection film that is made of urethane. It is specifically designed to protect your car’s paint from damage, and it’s quite effective at doing so. Because a Clear Bra paint protection film is clear or transparent in order to allow the color of your car’s paint shines through, it is also sometimes referred to as “Clear Mask”, “Clear Shield,” “Invisa Shield” and even “PPF.”

Specialized Installation

Because Clear Bra paint protection film is supposed to perfectly conform to the shape of your car, the technicians who apply the film must be specially trained to install it. In fact, manufacturers require their technicians to complete specialized training in order to be approved to install this film on cars. Because of the high quality of Xpel Clear Bra paint protection film, the film is not considered an expense, but an investment that will keep your car newer-looking longer.

Strong Protection

Although there are numerous types of paint protection films on the market, the Xpel Clear Bra option is among the strongest type. It is even strong enough to keep your car from becoming damaged by the acid that bugs leave on it when they hit your car. Additionally, it protects your car’s paint from the damage that bird defecation can cause.

What Does Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Provide Protection Against?

Not only does Clear Bra paint protection film provide protection about bug and bird damage, but it also provides protection against a variety of other elements as well, some of which include the following:

  • Abrasions caused by trees, bushes and other types of greenery that can scratch the paint on your car.
  • Debris like rocks, gravel and ice and other types of debris was thrown by other vehicles that can chip your car’s paint.
  • Sticky tree saps that can pull the paint from your car’s surface.
  • Food and liquid spill like coffee and other liquids that contain acids, colors and other elements that can damage your car’s paint.
  • Chemical spills like gasoline and oil that can eat away at your car’s paint.
  • Water damage from water that contains minerals that can discolor your car’s paint.

Clear Bra paint protection film has been proven to help protect a vehicle’s paint, which is part of the reason why so many people add it to their vehicles after they’ve recently had them painted. Additionally, some people even add this type of film to their cars upon purchasing them from a dealership or previous owner in order to keep the paint from ever becoming damaged.


Total Vehicle Preparation focuses on providing its customers the best products to protect and enhance their vehicles. Our main services include window film (tinting), paint protection film (“xpel clear bra”/”invisible bra”), headlight/taillight protection and optical films. We serve the Triangle area of North Carolina including, but not limited to: Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Garner, Clayton, Roxboro, Hillsborough and Pittsboro. Please contact for information regarding service outside the Triangle.


We specialize in Porsche Clear Bra, Xpel Clear Bra, Corvette Clear Bra, BMW Clear Bra, Audi Clear Bra, but work on everything from entry level cars, to exotics. As well as Window Tinting for every vehicle out there.

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