Can you have window tinting applied to your windows in wet or cold weather?

Yes! With the modern adhesive systems found on today’s window tinting products, it is possible to have your car windows tinted even in freezing weather. However, the curing time may be extended in adverse conditions. Professional installers take the weather into consideration during installation, allowing more time to apply heat to the edges of the tint to activate the drying process. Be sure to purchase name brand high performance or metal window tinting products to insure high quality adhesives.

I just had my windows tinted and now it’s all hazy. It’s been several days and it hasn’t gone away.
You must have had a metalized film applied to your windows. Metalized film has a much slower drying time. Under normal drying conditions, such as hot summer days, it will take 1 – 2 weeks; wintertime the drying time usually takes 30 days. Also, drying time depends on how much sun exposure the windows receive during the day. The more sun, the faster the drying.