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I just had Pete install the Xpel paint protection on my 2010 Acura RL. I previously had these products installed on my cars in the Virginia Beach area.

I was very pleased with the results of those jobs. I moved to the Triangle area three years ago. I just bought my Acura and was considering the three hour drive back to Virginia Beach to have the product installed. Doing research on the web, I found many sites, most being auto forums, that highly recommended TVP and Pete. I felt very comfortable having Pete do the job.

I am a little over protective with my autos. Pete did a great job explaining the option in products and coverage. When I went to pickup the car it was outside. I could not see the lines especially on the hood.

The job was incredible and I would highly recommend Pete. Thanks for a great job!!! I have had many vehicles’ windows tinted at many different places and in many different states, and I have to say your work is absolutely FLAWLESS!!! I am 200% satisfied and will be returning to have you do the clear-bra and film for the headlights in the near future. It is more than obvious the dedication, skill and experience that you have in this field and your work definitely speaks for itself. I have recommended TVP to many friends and colleagues and will continue to do so every time anyone compliments the vehicle. :o) Thanks so much for the awesome service! Best regards, H. Orvos c/o Mural Mastery Great Job on my 08 Yukon, this is #3 you’ve done for us, tint looks good too.

Btw, the 07 Tahoe had 209000 miles when traded last week and the front end looked new. Used Car manager at Thompson thought I had it painted. He couldn’t believe how good it looked. I’m sold on this procedure and HIGHLY recommend your services. Thanks Again. Brian M. Pete, just a quick note to say thank you for the fantastic job you did on my Plain Jane C-6. It’s not one of the more exotic cars you have worked on but it’s my baby and I cherish it’s looks as though it were a ZR-1.

As noted on many of the automotive forums, it’s the INSTALLER of the clear bras that is most important, not necessarily the product selected. I chose Avery, but I am sure the install experience would have been just as great should I have chosen 3-M. I will follow your advice to keep the film polished and lubricated to minimize the aging process that is enviable, but I wish to prolong it as best I can …. Hence my selection of the Avery Nanao product. (just 1 man’s opinion) Again, thanks !!! Sincerely, Jim Mr Silvoy, I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the Stoneshield on my 2007 911 Turbo.

The fit is excellent and you really can’t see the film unless you look for it. It was nice to leave the dealership knowing that my car now had some protection against all of the road debris that is constantly hitting the front end.

I opted not to do this on my Porsche Carrera S which was black, of course, and it only took one high speed run at the track to pepper the front end with literally hundreds of small chips. I learned my leason! Thanks again and I will recommend you to all of my friends. Sincerely, Pete, Thanks for the absolutely *perfect*, full front-end protective film job you recently did on my  Arctic Silver ’09 Carrera S. This is the 3rd clear bra you have installed for me with the first having been done back in 2005 and your work is, at this point, absolutely perfect. You’ve never let me down and your customer service and care is second to none, but I ad to write to tell you that this recent job is almost completely undetectable.

You have to really be looking hard to see it and then I can only detect it from the reliefs in the film needed to make the curves/contours. Not a single bubble or blem of any kind to be found anywhere which I know is very difficult and requires a tremendous amount of experience and skill to accomplish. It’s a perfect job and I am 110% satisfied.

I can now drive my new Porsche on 440/I-40 without ever having to worry about a rock chip or road blast to the wheel well areas and that’s a great feeling! I’ll recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone, any time! Thanks for helping to make sure my new Carrera stays looking new for a very long time and for taking the time to make sure the install was flawless! Best Regards, Stuart C. I have taken 2 cars to TVP over the last year and had nothing but great service and a reat product. I would and have recommended TVP to my friends and family.

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